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Fast & Reliable WiFi for the whole family. Connect up to 20 Devices at a time 

Smooth 4K UHD streaming to Smart TVs, mobile devices and gaming consoles without buffering

Easily move-able, secure Internet connection & live TV. Use on-the-go, at home, or while traveling

Plug & play technology. Set it up in less than 10 minutes. No hassle or installation required.


How does it work?

Magnus internet uses the same towers as your cell phone but offers so much more — even reduced lag time & much faster speed

Once you get the Magnus equipment, it functions just like a typical router, but with even easier set-up. Just plug it in and connect your service, and, in minutes, you’ll have a secure, private internet connection with WiFi. 


Powerful equipment ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming to Smart TVs, mobile devices and gaming consoles without buffering. 4x5dBi High gain antennas boost sensitivity of the WiFi router, create connections over greater distances, providing powerful penetration through walls.

It’s an internet option that’s more reliable than satellite and faster than DSL — or your cell phone’s hotspot. 
And it’s local & unique because it uses the strongest signal from the cell towers nearby


Wireless Internet

It uses nearby cell towers to create WiFi Network at your home with a speed up to 3 times faster than your hotspot.

Wireless TV

You can watch Live TV with more than 300 HD Channels including Local news, Premium movies & Live Sports network via Internet or WiFi, No cable required. No Smart TV, No problem get Magnus Smart TV Box and make your TV Smart with 1000s of apps. 

The Speed you get

You’ll never have to worry about choosing the right speed. Instead, your device automatically connects to the fastest signal from your surrounding cell towers. Its typically between 37 - 150 Mpbs down and 18 - 50 Mbps up

14 days money back.

If you still don't get the right speed at your address, you can simply return the equipment to us and get a refund. 

Switch to Fast & Reliable Internet + TV
no matter where you live!

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Get connected with Internet & TV wherever you need.

Couple at Home


Enjoying fast, stable Wi-Fi at home has never been easier. Provides high-speed Internet for rural homes where Internet service is weak or unavailable.

Business People Having Fun


Use as a primary or backup internet connection. Provides high-speed Internet for office. Can also be a backup automatically if your existing Internet service fails, makes your office network always online.

Picnic in Nature


Magnus Internet is move-able, you may take along the router with you and stay connected to powerful & secured WiFi. Ideal for holiday cabins, camping, remote areas, boat and RV.


Shops & Restaurants

Offer WiFi to your customers. Stay connected at your shop, restaurant, bars, coffee house or any where you like with high speed internet. 

Wireless vs. Satellite Internet

If you’re thinking that wireless sounds similar to satellite internet, you’re not far off base. But wireless internet is largely considered better than satellite. Here’s why:

  1. Easy installation: no expensive equipment or complicated satellite to mount

  2. Lower lag times: because wireless home internet signals don’t have to literally travel to space, you don’t have to worry about lag times

  3. More reliable: the weather won’t disrupt away your wireless home internet connection, but it could blow away your satellite signal

Wireless internet offers rural areas an alternative to pricier satellite. It can make online activities, like gaming, more enjoyable. It’s also a better option for remote workers or students who often need to send large attachments or use video calls.

What is Latency and How Can it Affect Me in a Rural Area?

Also known as ping, latency describes how much time your device requires to send signals to a server and receive the response. This is basically a time delay or lag, so the lower the number is, the better. It’s more likely to be encountered in rural areas because it’s so common with satellite internet connections. High latency can lead to dropped or spotty video calls, losses in a video game, buffering videos, and more.

Finding the best high-speed internet option for rural areas isn’t always easy. But with the knowledge you now have — and maybe some help from our experts — you’re well on your way to finding the best internet option for your household. You can learn more about rural internet or give us a call at 877-401-1638 and get started today.

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Looking to cut the cable cord and save an average of 50% compared to your hefty monthly cable TV bill, but feeling overwhelmed with all the different streaming options? Plus, with so many platforms to choose from today — and new streaming TV services launching all the time — how can you keep up?

We get it. That’s why we offer MAGNUS TV - The ultimate entertainment experience









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